Movie Review: Wildlife

This film is directed by Paul Dano and it stars Carey Mulligan, Jake Gyllenhaal, Ed Oxenbould and Bill Camp.

This movie is about a 14 year old who is put in a difficult situation when he witnesses first hand as his parents marriage crumbles.

This is a great film. It’s based on a book (which has peaked my interest in reading) by Richard Ford. The acting is superb and I could see Carey Mulligan with an academy award nomination. Carey Mulligan is one of my favorite actress working today and her work in this movie reassures her as one of the best actresses working in Hollywood. Jake Gyllenhaal does a great job too. This film is about their 14 year old son (Ed Oxenbould) who has to experience and deal with his parents crumbling marriage. I was intrigued by the way their 14 year old handled the situation. The story is a great and it’s moving. I haven’t read the book it’s based on but I can say that this film isn’t formulaic and I appreciated it. The cinematography as amazing and I enjoyed the wide angle shots. In many scenes the viewer gets to see the bigger picture and it’s lovely to look. Overall this film is a well done film and I would recommend watching it.

I give this film a 8.5 out of 10


Movie Review: Can you ever Forgive Me?

This film is directed by Marielle Heller and it stars Melissa McCarthy, Richard E Grant, Christian Navarro and Dolly Wells.

This film is based on the book, same title as film, written by Lee Israel in which she tells her story of selling forged celebrity letters and mementos. As Israel’s career starts to diminish she is forced to find an alternative to earn money. She uses her writing skills to impersonate celebrities and by forging letters and selling them to collectors.

Prior to seeing this film I had no knowledge of who this author was and what she had done. When I saw the trailer and read the synopsis it peaked my interest. Now that I’ve watched this film I’m pleased that I saw it. I absolutely loved this film. This film, once again, proves that the Drama genre is quickly becoming one of my favorites in movies. The performances in this movie are superb and I wouldn’t be surprised if Melissa McCarthy gets an academy award nomination for this extraordinary performance. I would even say that Richard E Grant may even obtain a nomination for best supporting actor. As a matter of fact this film is very well done that I also wouldn’t be surprised if it obtains a nomination for best picture. Israel is a character I wasn’t fond of because she comes across as arrogant and antisocial, yet somehow I felt sympathy for her. The story was intriguing and I was entertained through out the entire film. This film shows the extent a writer is willing to go simply to survive. If you guys have the opportunity to go watch this film please do so, you wont regret it.

I give this film a 10 out of 10


Movie Review: The Hate U Give

This film is directed by George Tillman Jr and it stars Amandla Stenberg, KJ Apa, Sabrina Carpenter, Algee Smith, Regina Hall and Russell Hornsby.

This film is about a teenager, Starr Carter (Amandla Stenberg), who is the only witness to a shooting where her childhood friend is killed by a police officer. She is living a double life. During the week she attends an all white school (in a nice neighborhood) and during the night and weekend she is back home in a neighborhood with a high crime rate.  As the sole witness to the murder of her best friend she must find her own voice and stand up for what is right.

I loved this film!! This film is moving, powerful, and heart wrenching. It brilliantly portrays police violence, racism, and white privilege. Amandla Stenberg gives her best performance yet and she is an actress to keep an eye on. The supporting cast did a descent job too. This movie made me cry multiple times and even thought me a few things here and there. It’s unfortunate that racism is currently happening today and that police keep getting away with fatally shooting unarmed people. As a mother of 4 girls I think that best thing I (as a single person) can do is to raise my daughters as best as i can and not allow stereotypical ideas to blind them to judge people without actually knowing them. As a Chicana I can’t personally relate to the type of discrimination black people have suffered (and continue to suffer) in this country.  Watching this film has made me realize that everyone should have the ability to find their own voice and should be able to speak up when one sees an injustice and to always do what’s right. Don’t ever stay quiet or turn away when seeing something wrong as those abusing count on silence to continue their abuse. Please watch this film as is culturally relatable with what we are currently living in this country (USA).

I give this film a 9 out of 10


Movie Review: Halloween (2018)

This film is directed by David Gordon Green and it stars Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Nick Castle and Andi Matichak.

This film is a direct sequel from the first Halloween movie (1978). 40 years later Michael Myers returns to Haddonfield, Il after he scapes from the the bus (after the bus crashes) that was transporting him to another mental facility. Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) has been training and preparing for Michael’s return and now her skills are put to test.

I wanted to like this movie more than I did. I do admit I’m not the biggest Halloween (1978) fan, although I do see it’s importance in the horror genre. I personally wasn’t fond of the granddaughter as I feel that her storyline took away from Laurie’s storyline (and on screen appearances). Laurie’s daughter was another character I didn’t like. I understand that this movie is showing how the events of 40 years ago affected Laurie (and continue to affect her) and how it has affected her family, but I just wasn’t fond of it. Laurie was definitely my favorite character in this film. Jaime Lee Curtis looked like a badass in this movie. I feel that the granddaughters’ character was young Laurie as her character goes through the same situations as Laurie did in the first film. Majority of the deaths in this film are gruesome and Michael Myers does come across as a dangerous serial killer. The movie does pay tribute to the first film, and for my taste, it does it too much that it’s distracting. The third act in this movie was highly suspenseful and perhaps the best part of the entire movie. I did like how in some of the scenes (from the first movie and this movie) the character of Michael Myers is switched with Laurie. The film ended with few questions left unanswered and for a possible sequel. I wasn’t fond of the ending.

I give this movie a 6 out 10


Movie Review: Colette

This film is directed by Wash Westmoreland and it stars Keira Knightley, Dominic West, Eleanor Tomlinson, and Denise Gough.

This film is about the French writer Colette who finds herself obligated to write a biography about her childhood. Her husband takes credit for her work and she later fights for ownership of her work.

I absolutely loved this film. I’m beginning to have a preference for dramatic films. The production design in the film is gorgeous and the story in this movie is intriguing and captivating. I wasn’t aware of who Colette was and of her importance in French literature. I found Colette’s story interesting and empowering. I was fascinated on how Colette evolved throughout the film not only as an artist but as a woman. Keira Knightley did an amazing job with this performance. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this movie have some Oscar nominations. Although this film takes place in the late 1800’s, it reflects on current issues for instance we see how women are treated and how LGBTQ members are treated. In this current era of the “Me Too” movement I believe this film is relatable and is a must watch. Please do yourself a favor and watch this film.

I give this movie a 9.5 out of 10


Movie Review: Bad Time at The El Royale

This film is directed by Drew Goddard and it stars Jeff Bridges, Cynthia Erivo, Jon Hamm, Dakota Johnson, Lewis Pullman and Chris Hemsworth.

This film is about a hotel by the name of El Royale that is placed in the border of California and Nevada. When a number of strangers stay at this hotel things go wrong. The film takes us on the story of each individual staying at the hotel.

I went into this film expecting a completely different film. The movie i saw is a good movie and I had a bit of fun with it. The acting overall is great and every actor had their time to shine. Those who were stand outs were Jeff Bridges, Cynthia Erivo and Chris Hemsworth. The film is a bit long for me and I definitely felt it. The story is interesting and there are some questions that are left unanswered. I do admit that some scenes were unexpected and I did not see them coming. There are also some scenes where the same thing happens but we see it from someone else’s perspective and I thought that was neat. Overall the film was a good film, just not was I was expecting.

I give this film a 6.5 out of 10

Movie Review: Beautiful Boy

This film is directed by Felix Van Groeningen and it stars Timothee Chalamet, Steve Carell, Amy Ryan, Kaitlyn Dever, and Maura Tierney.

This film is about a teenager, Nicolas Sheff (Timothee Chalamet), who is an alcoholic and drug addict. His father, David Sheff (Steve Carell) does everything in his power to save his son.

I loved this movie. When this movie ended I had to sit through the end credits to process everything I had just watched, while brushing away my tears. This film is touching, heartbreaking, heartfelt and with an important message. The acting in this movie is excellent and mark my words when I say that Timothee Chalamet has earned himself another Oscar nomination with this performance. I wouldn’t be supieses if Steve Carell earns one too. I am once again left evaluating my parenting choices/style and I can’t help but think how I would react if I was in David’s shoes. To me this film was informative and I learned a few things about addiction, long term side effects and statistics. The only reason why I won’t give this film a perfect score is because I’m not the biggest fan of flashback storytelling. There were perhaps too many at the beginning of the film and at times i would get confused. Other than that I loved this film and I would highly recommend watching it!

I give this film a 9.8 out of 10