Hereditary Movie Review

I watched this movie yesterday (Sunday, 6/10 at 1:10pm) and right now is Monday 6/11 7pm. As i’m currently typing this review I’m still thinking about the movie while I’m also recuperating. This movie had a deep impact in me. Visually speaking it impacted me but what got to me the most was the story. I’m a mother of 4 kids and my mother passed away a few years ago so I identified with Annie (Toni Collette’s character). It wasn’t easy to see everything she had to go through. This film is a good film. I’m on board with all the oscar talk with Toni Collette’s performance; in addition, Alex Wolff’s performance was astounding. If you’re a horror film fan you should definitely see this movie. If you’re not a horror movie fan (like myself) you should be cautious prior to seeing this film as it may impact you emotionally. I’ve been seeing mixed reviews for this film it currently has a D+ Cinema score and a 93% on rotten tomatoes. I agree with the 93% rotten tomato score. I give this film an 8 out 10.



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