Top 10 movies of 2018 so far! cont…

#8 Hereditary    (8 out of 10)

This film scared the crap out of me and left me thinking for several days. The directing, acting, visuals, and storyline in this film were very well done. Don’t be surprised if any of these actors (Toni Collette, Alex Wolff) receive Oscar nominations.

After watching this film I sat in the theater trying to process everything I had just watched afterwards I went into my car and sat there for another several minutes (i believe it was a bit more than an hr) thinking and theorizing about what had happened. I don’t recall watching a film that has impacted me emotionally and mentally. Little by little I’m becoming a horror film fan (as you’ll see). If you have not seen this film please go and watch it!




#7 Paddington 2        (8 out of 10)

I loved this film!! There isn’t many sequels that surpass the first film but this one does it! This film is adorable, charming, funny and entertaining. I do believe I enjoyed this film a bit more than my daughters did (it’s the child inside me). Paddington is the sweetest bear out there who is simply trying to find the perfect gift for his beloved aunt Lucy and of course gets into some trouble trying to do it.

As of now this film has 100% on rotten tomatoes!! This film was released in theaters (USA) back in January 2018 which means you guys can purchase it or rent it now. I strongly believe this is one of the most underrated movies of this year. So please do yourself a favor and watch this charming film.


paddington 2


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