Top 10 movies of 2018 (so far) cont..

#2 A quiet place (9.5 out of 10)

This film kept me on the edge of my seat the whole movie. The silence in this film adds to the suspense and thrill of it. Luckily the audience I saw this film with were considerate and kept quiet through out the movie. The acting was phenomenal all around and the directing was great!. I was scare to make any noise while watching this movie so I refused to eat and drink anything. This is the first horror thriller film that made me cry as there is a specific scene that really got me. At the beginning of the film something occurs that makes this film unpredictable thereafter. I loved this movie!!! The only reason why I didn’t give it a perfect score was the ending. I was hoping for a different ending but it still works with the one it has. I heard they may be making a universe from this film which of course I’ll be on board with. Please please please watch this film.

#1 Wont you be my neighbor (10 out of 10)

This documentary is a film I needed to see! Not only did it turn on the water works but it restored my hope in humanity. Mr Rogers was an amazing human being whose focus was children. He said that children need to feel loved, they need to know that it’s ok to be unique and they have the capacity to love. I grew up watching Mr Rogers and now that I see this documentary I understand why I loved his show. After watching this film I realized that there is no real difference between the man who we saw on TV and Fred Rogers the man outside of his show. A little kindness does go a long way. The only sad thing is that everything he stood for and against back in the day (decades ago) is still relevant today. Towards the end of this movie they ask an important question that has stayed with me ever since.

Yes I give this film a perfect score because it’s the perfect film (for me). I believe this film is getting a wider release (at least with AMC) so please go see it. I can assure you that with all the shit we are going through right now this movie will give you hope. Please pretty please go see this amazing documentary!!!

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