Movie Review: Hotel Transylvania 3 Summer Vacation

This film is directed by Genndy Tartakovsky and features the voices of Adam Sandler, Selena Gomez, Andy Samberg, Kevin James, and Fran Drescher.

This film is the third installment of the Hotel Transylvania franchise. Mavis (Selena Gomez) decides to give her father (Dracula voiced by Adam Sandler) the ideal summer vacation, a monster cruise, so he can take a break from proving everyone else’s vacation.

This film is the typical Hotel Transylvania film. I went in with no or even low expectations and I wasn’t disappointed. Hotel Transylvania 3 was an ok film. My daughters seemed to enjoy it and they had a good time. It did have some jokes that made me chuckle. Majority of the jokes are your typical Adam Sandler jokes (which I’m not a fan of). The introduction of a new character (a pet) brought some charm and cuteness to this film. Now I’m hoping my 5 year old doesn’t ask me if her vomit is her child. The ending has a special and important message not only for kids but adults can learn from it too. I was pleased with the music in this film. Overall I had an ok time watching this film. I give it at 6 out of 10.

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