Movie Review: The Darkest Minds

This film is directed Jennifer Yu Nelson and it stars Amanda Stenberg, Harris Dickinson, Mandy Moore, Skylan Brooks and Patrick Gibson.

There is an epidemic in this town that only affects children. If the children have a strong immune system and survive the initial incubation period then the children will develop supernatural powers. Naturally the government feels threatened by these children and decides to place them into a camp where they undergo lab testing. The supernatural powers are ranked based on threat level and the children are separated based on the level of their powers. A few children escape this camp and this film takes us on their journey into seeking a safer (protective) camp.darkest mind

The acting in this film is quite decent but it’s not enough for me to fear for the characters safety. The emotional moments didn’t affect me and this film didn’t move me in anyway. I was, however, convinced in the friendship that develops between the protagonists. The film keeps you awake but the tone overall is monotone. I can’t recall a specific scene that stood out for me. This movie had interesting plot points that had the potential to make this film great. The writing is decent but it’s also highly predictable. The movie has some funny jokes that put a smile on my face but didn’t make me laugh out loud. Overall this is an ok generic movie. I saw this film because my movie buddy (13yr old daughter) convinced me to see it. It did meet my expectations, as my expectations weren’t too high. I give this film a 5 out of 10.

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