Movie Review: The Meg

This film is directed by Jon Turteitaub and it stars Jason Statham, Ruby Rose, Li Bingbing, Rainn Wilson, Cliff Curtis, Page Kennedy and Robert Taylor.

the meg 2The Megalodon is a prehistoric shark (the largest shark to ever live) that comes back to hunt a crew of scientists/marine biologist who are exploring the deep sea. As a crew explores the deep ocean they find themselves attacked by mysterious object and they can’t escape. It’s up to the most experienced diver to rescue the crew but the meg wont make it easy. Now this shark is a threat to the marine biologists, marine animals and eventually to the people who are enjoying a fun time in the beach.

This film starts with an intense scene where Jonas (Jason Statham) is faced with a difficult decision in order to save his crew. It isn’t until the third act where the movie gets a bit intense, again. This film did not work for me in every level. Perhaps shark films aren’t my favorite films to watch (I recently watched Jaws and I loved it!). The acting in this film is hideous. Jason Stathman does his best with what little he is given. These characters are barely characters and I did not care for them at all (with the exception of pippin). The writing in this film is also hideous and it made me cringe time after time. The jokes did not work for me, at all. The CGI is ok; if watching giant CGI sharks in movies is your thing then this film may work for you. If you want to watch a summer dumb shark film The Meg is the movie for you.

I give this film a 3 out 10

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