Movie Review: Slender Man

This horror/thriller film is directed by Sylvain White and it stars Joey King, Javier Botet, Annalise Basso, Jaz Sinclair and Julia Goldani Telles,

This film is about a creature by the name of Slender Man who has been terrorizing communities by being responsible for the disappearances of many children/teenagers. A group of 4 friends decide to (playing around) summon this creature and when one of them disappears then the rest of these girls try their best to recuperate their disappeared friend.

I was expecting this film to be scary and to traumatize me. Sadly this film didn’t do anything for me. For the first 2 acts in this movie I found myself bored to my mind. The acting was ok in this movie ( I did believe the girls and their fear). The CGI was bad and even though most of the Slender Man’s appearances occur in the woods (where it’s dark). One issue I had with this movie was the amount of darkness. During scenes inside the house there were multiple times where the camera follows a certain character inside the house and I couldn’t see where the character was because it was dark. Another issue I had was the creature itself (Slender Man). The creature wasn’t scary (it didn’t have a face) and it didn’t do anything for me. During the third act I was a bit more invested in this film and they had an opportunity for a twist but it didn’t happen. I did enjoy the ending (of both in the movie and of the movie). Overall I can’t recommend to watch this movie.

I give this film a 4 out 10

slender man

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