Movie Review: What Men Want

This film is directed by Adan Shankman and it stars Tiraji P Henson, Aldis Hodge, Max Greenfield, Erykah Badu and Tracy Morgan.

This film follows Ali (Tiraji P Henson) who is a sports agent and is trying to be more successful in the company she works for. Being the only female agent in the company is the toughest obstacle for her and she must find a way to understand men and get along with them to become the successful agent she wants to be. She seeks a psychics advice and after drinking some questionable tea and hitting her head she can now listen to men’s inner thoughts. This ability can work against her or perhaps help her in becoming the agent she wishes to be.

I’ve heard mixed reviews of this film but mainly positive ones. I read in social media (mainly twitter) how this film was hilarious and how this film is a must watch.  I went into this film expecting to have a good amount of laughs and overall a good time. Sadly I was underwhelmed by this film. I did have some laughs and chuckles but not what I was expecting. I thought I would be walking into the theater and watch a film with the comedic quality of “Game Night” or even “Nodody’s Fool” but I didn’t and I was disappointed.

I do admit that this film has some dramatic intimate moments that did move me. Ali’s relationship with her father was heartfelt and relatable. Her romantic relationship with Will (Aldis Hodges) was an interesting one and a moving one too. I was intrigued by the storyline and thought it was interesting and unique in its own way. It’s not easy to be a woman and work in a man’s world and this film addresses those issues.  Every now and then I do wonder what other people are mentally thinking. After watching this film, I have second thoughts and perhaps I may be better off not knowing what really goes through other people’s minds. Perhaps I may be a bit too picky but I wasn’t fond of Tiraji P Henson in the lead role. I felt that at times she was overacting or trying too hard to be funny. She didn’t bring anything special or different to her role. She did, however, stand out in the dramatic moments. Supporting cast was descent and my favorite character was the one portrayed by Josh Brener who is the assistant to Henson’s character. Hist character is definitely the heart (and for me) the funniest character in this movie. Overall I had an ok time in the theater. I didn’t love the film nor hate it either.
I give this film a 4.5 out of 10


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