Movie Review: The Kid who Would be King

This film is directed by Joe Cornish and it stars Louis George Serkis, Angus Imrie, Tom Taylor, Rhianna Dorris, Denise Gough, Rebecca Ferguson and Patrick Stewart.

This film is about a boy named Alex (Louis George Serkis) who comes across the legendary excalibur and he is the chosen one to remove it from the stone and to soon become king. The wizard Marlin guides him and his group of friends into saving their country from Morgana a wicked enchantress.

I’m certainly late to the party with this film but it’s still in theaters so here are my thoughts. Hmmmm I thought this movie was meh. My expectations were certainly high as it currently holds an 88% on rotten tomatoes. I briefly read some tweets stating that this film wasn’t bad at all and that it was worth watching. I enjoyed the cast in this movie. Alongside some scenes that were heartfelt and moving. There were some plot twists I didn’t see coming and it took me by surprise when my predictions didn’t plan out as I thought they would. I’m going to be in the minority though when I say that this film wasn’t for me. It certainly is an interesting perspective for this story. I did enjoy certain aspects of it for instance the children were enjoyable and I did like that they used current social issues and embedded them to this story. I enjoyed some of the references they make in this film. For the most part I just sat there watching this film and rolling me eyes for many (too many) scenes. The dialogue wasn’t the best.  I did find that some of the scenes made me dizzy and that certainly didn’t work in its favor. The camera moved way to quick and while it was moving my eyes weren’t able to keep up with the motion that it made me dizzy and a bit nauseous. I’m well aware that I’m not the targeted audience for this movie and perhaps that’s why I’m not fond of it. Unfortunately I didn’t like this film but I don’t hate it either. I definitely won’t see it again. Overall it’s a typical January film (IMO).

I give this film a 4 out of 10


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