Movie Review: Alita Battle Angel

This film is directed by Robert Rodriguez and it stars Rosa Salazar, Christoph Waltz, Jennifer Connelly, Ed Skrein and Mahershala Ali.

The film is about a Dr (Christoph Waltz) who specializes in repairing cyborgs. He then finds Alita and decides to take her to his clinic and repair her. When Alita wakes she has no memory of her past and this film takes us on the journey on Alita trying to find her identity.

This weekend we have 4 films that are female led and this is the first of four (yes I will most likely watch all 4 of them by Sunday). I surprisingly had a great time watching this film. I enjoyed it more than I was expecting as I was misled by the trailers. I walked into this film expecting to see perhaps the worst movie of the year. I walked out with a smile on my face. I thoroughly enjoyed the fighting scenes in this film as they are superb as well as the editing. There was a fight scene that reminded me of the church fight scene in kingsman and I loved it!! The character development for Alita was great to the point that I believed everything about her. When I saw the first trailer I was bothered by Alita’s large eyes but after seeing the film I can say that it wasn’t a problem. Rosa Salazar did a good job in this film. The chemistry between Alita and Hugo was cute and believable. The storyline between Alita and the Dr that finds her is intriguing and moving. I’m genuinely surprised on how much I enjoyed this film. Please give it a shot.

I give this film an 8.5 out of 10

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  1. I respect this take. Keep it up chica. I love film lovers able to see the goodnin movies! Excellent action, great visuals. We’re not on the same page in a few aspects but that’s the whole point. I’m glad Alita lived up to everything u wanted it to be🙌🏽

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    • That’s the subjectivity of film! Thanks for your feedback and respectful comment. Im sorry we don’t agree in some aspects but again that’s the beauty of film. Again, thanks for being respectful and encouraging I truly appreciate it.


      • Respect is everything. That’s the one thing us film commentators have to do a better job at for real! Can I listen to u on any other mediums? All about support and networking!!

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      • I agree with you 1000% we must be more respectful towards other people’s opinions. At the moment I’m just doing this blog and I also post on my twitter and instagram account. Both are rosasreviews with the same picture I have here.


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