Movie Review: How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

This film is directed by Dean DeBlois and it stars (voices) Jay Baruchel, America Ferrera, Cate Blanchett, Kit Harington, Jonah Hill, Gerard Butler, and Craig Ferguson.

This film is the third and last installment of the How To Train Your Dragon franchise. Chief Hiccup is faced with a dilemma when he encounters a villain whose only purpose is kill Night Fury’s (yes that mean toothless). He decided to find a new home where both dragons and vikings cannot be found. This film takes us on that journey.

Better late than never!! I was supposed to watch this movie a month ago (on the fandango early screening) but something came up and I had to pass (I was actually sitting in the theater when my 5 year old decided to be scared of the villains’ dragon and began crying, so I had to leave the screening) . I finally get to see it and I really enjoyed it!! I feel confident making the statement that this franchise has one of the best trilogy’s in cinema (yes I’d say it’s up there with Toy Story). This franchise definitely ends with a strong and great movie. I liked the second film the best followed by the first and then this one but the difference from the second and this third one is very minimal. I’ve always been a fan of the relationship between toothless and hiccup and this film places the cherry on top with them. Hiccup finds himself in many difficult situations with toothless. I enjoyed seeing Hiccup navigating through his emotions and trying to deal with allowing toothless to chase the light fury.  I also enjoyed Hiccups’ love relationship with Astrid. Astrid is such a positive influence on Hiccup and this film explores it. The story is good and I can’t think of anything negative or dislikable about this film. The hidden world is visually stunning and the love story between toothless and the light fury was cute and entertaining.  To be quite honest I would not mind watching a film entirely of the Hidden World. The side characters were very entertaining too. My personal favorite side characters are the siblings (I believe they are twins) and of course they get to ride the dragon with two heads. The villain was a typical villain but served its purpose in the movie. Yes I cried (towards the end) but overall I thoroughly enjoyed this film.
I give this film a 9 out of 10

how to train your dragon

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