Movie Review: The Aftermath

This film is directed by James Kent and it stars Keira Knightley, Alexander Skarsgard, Jason Clarke and Flora Thieman.

This film takes place shortly after the end of WWII and this film revolves around the 3 main characters and the aftermath of the war. Rachael (Knightley) and Lewis (Clarke) are a marry couple who move into a new house. Rachael is surprised to learn that they will be sharing the house with its previous owner (Skarsgard). As they all learn to cope with their loss things take a strange turn and betrayal is imminent.

The moment I saw this trailer I knew I’d be seeing this film as it’s right down my alley. Kiera Knightly is becoming one of my favorite actresses currently working. This film is character driven so there is no action, no real entertainment and because of that it may be boring for most. I’m a big fan of films that take place after WWII as I find myself admiring the entire scene (Mise-En-Scene). This film takes place right after WWII and it dives into the aftermath of the war and how those events affected the characters. The war took someone from these main characters and this film takes us on the journey of how they deal with their own grief. Living under the same household is the married couple of Rachael and Lewis, who are English, and the owner of the house, who is German. Tension is imminent as there is distrust among them. This film fleshes out these characters (which I did appreciate) and this allowed me to understand their motives and decisions. If you’ve seen the trailers you know that there is a passion betrayal in this film. In majority of films seeing something like this would upset me but in this film I was conflicted on what to feel about it. Something that caught my attention was that these characters aren’t entirely good nor entirely evil. They aren’t white or black they all fall into the gray spectrum. At the end of this film I wasn’t entirely sure how to feel about the characters. I wasn’t on anyone’s side and that rarely happens in a film. With that said I liked the film. Kiera Knightly gave a great performance and the supporting cast did ok. Overall this film is ok, I do wish I had liked it more. Perhaps I had different expectations for this film and wasn’t ready to feel conflicted about the characters.

I give this film a 6.5 out of 10


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