Movie Review: No Manches Frida 2

This film is directed by Nacho Garcia Velilla and it stars Omar Chaparro, Martha Higadera, Aaron Diaz, Itati Cantoral, Raquel Garza and Fernanda Castillo.

This film is the sequel to No Manches Frida and it follows the relationship between Lucy and Ezequiel. The school they currently work for is in danger of closing due to the low academic test scores. The new principal decides to enter the school into a competition to not only raise money for the school but to build a positive reputation so the school can remain open. As Lucy and Ezequiel work on maintaining their relationship they must also work with the students so they can win their respective competitions.

I recently watched the first film and I surprisingly like it. So to support my community (and because I surprisingly enjoyed the first movie) I decided to go watch this one. I was crying my eyes out while watching this film, it is hilarious!!! Yes it has stereotypical jokes (penis jokes) that I have criticized on other films and I will criticize on this one too. It also has some cliches but Omar Chaparro’s perfect comedic timing and acting chops saves this film. I was reading the subtitles and I can confirm that some of the jokes aren’t translated appropriately in the subtitles (this film is entirely in Spanish). Also, what some words (mainly the bad words) mean to me doesn’t mean the same to others and perhaps that’s why the translation is somewhat off (IMO). I was one of the few (if not the only one) who thoroughly enjoyed the remake of Overboard with Eugenio Derbez. Omar Chaparro was in that film too and I enjoyed him in his supporting role. This film somehow someway finds a way to have a heart and some moving moments. The heart and message that the first film has rolled over to this one. I was genuinely surprised by the heart and message in the first film. Overall I had a great time seeing this film and I had some good laughs with it.

I give this film a 7.5 out of 10

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