Movie Review: The Curse of La Llorona

This film is directed by Michael Chaves and it stars Marisol Ramirez, Linda Cardellini, Patricia Velasquez, Raymond Cruz, Roman Christou and Sierra Heuermann.

This film is about the legendary Mexican myth of La Llorona (Marisol Ramirez). She murdered (drowned) her children a long time ago and her ghost roams at night hunting for other children trying to replace the ones she lost. A social worker (Linda Cardellini) and her children (Roman Christou and Sierra Heuermann) must find a way to escape her before she drowns them to their death.

I had to watch this film as I was one of those whose childhood was highly affected by the stories and myths of La Llorona. Apparently there are different stories/versions out there about her but ultimately they all have one thing in common she is coming for you or your kids. I wanted to like this film, but I just can’t. I tried to sympathize with the kids and mother and quite frankly I didn’t care at all. Their acting was good as I did believe their fear. I think I felt more sympathy for Patricia, the mother whose case was assigned to Anna, and her situation with her kids than I did with the main characters. The shaman and priest did their part in the film. The shaman had a bit more involvement in the film and perhaps his little jokes brought my attention back into the film as I was wondering what he would do and say next. This film had some suspense but it was quickly diminished by the predictability of this film. La Llorona herself looked a bit creepy but I never once feared her. I’m still trying to connect the dots and figure out what the movie was about. Some of the editing was a bit off. Overall I was expecting something more and I didn’t get it. I admit that this film had a lot of potential to be a great film but this movie is another formulaic supernatural/horror film. I’m truly disappointed as I wanted to like this film.

I give this film a 3 out 10


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