Movie Review: All is True

This film is directed by Kenneth Branagh and it stars Kenneth Branagh, Judi Dench, Ian McKellen, Lydia Wilson, Kathryn Wilder, and Hadley Fraser.

This film looks into the final years of William Shakespeare. After a theater burns down Shakespeare decides to return home and retire. He goes home to a family that’s been abandoned and he finds himself mourning his dead son.

I’ve had perhaps one of the best weekends ever watching movies. Last night I watched Tolkien and this morning I watched All is True. I absolutely loved this film. I can’t express how fascinated and awed I was through the entire film. The long wide shots of breathtaking scenery is stunning. There were shots and ponds, trees, castles, long green landscapes that were relaxing and appealing. The cinematography is very well done and I appreciated the long far away shots of the characters as it made me feel as I was in the scene and looking from afar. The design production is also gorgeous and I loved how many of the scenes were in candle light. The costumes were amazing. The story was intriguing with many family secrets. I didn’t see any of the secretes coming as I went into this film ignorant of the story and Shakespeare. Although I’m not entirely sure how much of this film is accurate, I did find myself enjoying it. I found it funny too, there were several times where I did laughed out loud. Lastly, to put the cherry on top, the acting in this movie is phenomenal. I mean what can I say about these great actors as their name say it all. Kenneth Branagh as Shakespeare was perfect. I have to recognize that the supporting cast did an exquisite job too. In particular Kathryn Wilder (who played one of the daughters of Shakespeare) gave a phenomenal performance. The scene between Branagh and McKellen is gold. I can’t believe how in awed I am after watching this movie. It’s definitely one of my favorites of this year. If possible please go see it!

I give this film a 10 out of 10


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