Movie Review: Tolkien

This film is directed by Dome Karukoski  and it stars Nicholas Hoult, Lily Collins, Anthony Boyle, Tom Glynn-Carney, Harry Gilby and Derek Jacobi.

This film looks into the earlier life of J.R.R. Tolkien and what events and experiences shaped him to become the famous author of the famous and classic The Lord of The Rings and Hobbit books.

I’ve been excited to watch this film as it’s right down my alley! I tend to enjoy a great deal movies that are period pieces drama. This movie has a great deal of flashback storytelling and I’m not too big on it (as many of you already know). I did enjoy the acting and the drama in this movie. Nicholas Hoult gives a great performance and his chemistry with Lily Collins definitely worked for me. Supporting cast was great too. I have to give credit to the casting person as I had no problem identifying Tolkien while he was younger. As a matter of fact many of the younger version of the friends had a resemblance to the grown men. My favorite part in this film takes place when a younger Tolkien first meets one of his future best friends and is then introduced to the others. The development of their friendship was relatable. I quite enjoyed their small conversations they’d have in the book store. This film was also surprisingly funny at times and I enjoyed it plenty. I found it artistically inspiring and moving as its visually gorgeous and elegant. I’m a big fan of the Lord of The Rings films and I was able to see and find where and how Tolkien was inspired to write these stories (I was able to pinpoint certain references found in the movies). I found his story quite intriguing and most importantly inspirational. I feel that film gives an homage to art, any form (language, visual, writing, musical etc) and found it fascinating. This film not only shows us a bit of Tolkien and his life but also shows how imagination saved him from the war. I just checked and realized it has a 49% on rotten tomatoes and I’ll say that I agree with the 49% of critics. Overall I did enjoy this movie. Know that this film is a period piece and is slow so don’t expect any action or anything like that. Also, walking out of the theater all I wanted to do was watch the LOTR trilogy (extended version). I’d recommend to see this movie.

I give this film an 9.6 out of 10


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