Movie Review: MA

This film is directed by Tate Taylor and it stars Octavia Spencer, Tate Taylor, Corey Fogelmanis, Diana Silvers, Luke Evans, McKaley Miller and Juliette Lewis.

This movie is about Sue Ann (Octavia Spencer), a middle aged woman, who tries to become social with a group of teenagers that asked her to purchased some alcoholic beverages. What appears to be the perfect hangout place soon becomes a place of horror and mystery.

Oh MAn was this film something. This is a rare instance where the trailers were a bit misleading and it was better than what I thought it would be. Octavia Spencer gave a MAgnifecent performance and she had me rooting against her. Sue Ann (Octavia Spencer) is a middle aged woman who has some psychological issues and wants nothing more than to be accepted and blend in with others.  The supporting cast was good too from the group of teenagers to the parents (Luke Evans, Juliette Lewis) to the teenagers that portrayed the younger version of the parents. The story was interesting and in a weird way it felt real (I could see this happening in our current society). This film had some intense scenes and others were a bit gruesome. Some of the gruesome scenes took me by surprised as I was not seeing any of it coming. MA definitely surpassed my expectations, although they weren’t high to begin with. This movie had some resemblance to the movie Greta but this film is far superior as the actions of Sue Ann are explained and in a weird psychotic way, understandable. During the entire film we see flashbacks as to what happened to Sue Ann when she was a teenager and although I’m not the biggest fan of flashback storytelling, I was ok with it in this instance. The start is a bit slow and slowly but surely it picks up until that third act when it just completely unfolds and takes you on a ride where it doesn’t stop until the first end credit scene. I enjoyed this film very much and I’d definitely recommend seeing this film.

I give this film a 7.5 out of 10


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