My Top 15 films of 2019, so far….

Honorable Mentions = These are the next five films that would have made the list if I was making a top 20. In other words these are number 16-20.

  • Late Night
  • US
  • Alita Battle Angel
  • Long Shot
  • John Wick 3

Soooooo here we go!! These are my top 15 films of this year, for now. There are a few small films I haven’t had a chance to watch that I’ve heard great reviews about. I will clarify that this is my personal list and that I’m not paid by anyone or any studio. I post some quick thoughts on the film followed by my score on it. With that said here is my list!!! Enjoy.




15. Toy Story 4 – Wait what? number 15?  yeah sorry guys. Just saw this film this weekend and I loved it!! I was one of those who wasn’t sure if this film would work  since nobody was asking for it. This film proved me absolutely wrong and I love when movies do that. My original score in this film is a

9.0 out of 10






14. Ask Dr Ruth – I wanted to watch this documentary when it was on limited release but I didn’t find the time. I finally caught it on Hulu and man did I find it amazing! This film is inspirational, motivational and most importantly empowering. Dr Ruth was a woman ahead of her time, who has certainly thought me some things here and there (not necessarily sexual). Please go see it and learn about her life and her career. Her story deserves to be known. My score for this film is

9.0 out of 10

ask dr ruth




13. How to Train Your Dragon 3 = I’m well aware that I’ll be in the minority when I say that I like this trilogy more than the Toy Story one. This film is the perfect ending to this trilogy. I loved seeing Hiccup grow and become a man in this franchise alongside his friend Toothless. I just love these films!! This particular film had amazing visuals and a great story. My original score of this film is

9.0 out of 10

how to train your dragon



12. Penguins = This Disney nature film was adorable! The visuals in this film were stunning and this film made me feel as if I were in Antartica. This movie is narrated by Ed Helms who does a good job. I was more intrigued after seeing the behind the scenes of making of this movie and oh boy was this crew challenged with the weather and filming the animals. My original score for this film is

9.5 out of 10





11. Fighting with My Family = I was the biggest wrestling fan when I was younger in my early teen years. I got teased for it but I didn’t care because I loved wrestling and I loved Chyna for being the only female wrestler to go one on one with the male wrestlers. It wasn’t until recently when the women in wrestling started to get more attention and more time on tv. Paige was one of the trailblazers to make that happen and when I heard a film about her life was in the works I couldn’t be happier. I loved this film and now I’m hoping to see the stories of different wrestlers and their journey to the WWE. My original score for this film is

9.5 out of 10





10. Booksmart = What a fantastic, smart and funny film!! I left this film with a stomach ache due to the constant laughter. I appreciated the diversity in this film. I loved that the main characters were women who were directed by a woman and the screenplay done by women. My original score for this film is

9.5 out of 10





9. Apollo 11 = This is definitely a must watch documentary. This is one of those films that you already know the outcome of the event yet you’re still in suspense and at the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens next. Amazing cinematography and the sound in this film is out of this world (no pun intended, perhaps it was). My score to this film is

9.5 out 10





8. Tolkien = I absolutely loved this film. I loved how this film was a love letter to every form of art; visual, language, writing, storytelling, etc. I was mesmerized by the visuals with the production design and costumes design. I loved the story and the acting. Drama period pieces are my weakness. My original score for this film is a

9.6 out of 10






7. Avengers Endgame = What? What in the world is she thinking??!!! Yeah guys I’m sorry but I didn’t love this film as much as everyone else did. I prefer Infinity War over this one. But I do admit I did enjoy this film and yes I did cry at the end. I think this film is a great way to end this saga. That fight in the end was quite awesome but I admit I was more entertained by the Iron Man, Cap and Thor fight against Thanos. Great film overall. My original score on this film was a 9.0 out of 10, but after a second watch I increased it to a

9.8 out of 10.






6. Hotel Mumbai = Oh my was this film an experience I did not expect to happen. I wasn’t aware of the events prior to this film and boy was I shocked by everything that occured. This film was done so well that I felt as if I was in the film and was in suspense and at the edge of my seat for the entire film. I will warn you that this isn’t an easy watch some of the scenes are gruesome and shocking. I knew this film was one of my favorites when I was still thinking about it days after seeing it. My score for this film is

9.8 out of 10

hotel mumbai





5. Shazam = I loved this film!!! I had fun and laughed plenty while watching it. Levi was amazing in this role. I admit that its diverse cast and theme of family made me love this film even more. Mark Strong was a great villain. I enjoyed everything about this film!! My original score is a

9.8 out of 10






4. All is True = This film fascinated me with the wide shots of breathtaking scenery. The visuals were gorgeous and I clearly recall sitting in the theater and just thinking about sitting there for as long as I was allowed to. The acting was superb from everyone. I enjoyed the story of Shakespeare’s retirement years, although I’m not sure how historically accurate it was. Again, period pieces are my weakness and this was my favorite (for now). My score for this film is

10 out of 10






3. The Mustang = I believe this was the first film I gave a perfect score. I loved this film. The acting was exceptional and the story was what intrigued me the most. A prisoner tries a rehabilitation program where he must train a wild horse. It appears that this happens in some facilities in different states in the United States. I was moved by this film which is why it’s on my top 3 of this year (for now). My score for this film is a

10 out of 10

the mustang





2. Echo in the Canyon = I’m sure you’ve noticed a trend by now, that my top two films are music related. I’m a sucker for films about music whether they are biopics, musicals, or a musical documentary. This film takes a look into 4 groups that were born in Laurel Canyon (a canyon in Hollywood Hills). These groups are The Byrds, The Mama’s and The Papa’s, The Beach Boys and Buffalo Springfield. This film takes a look into their beginnings, their hits and in some cases their break ups. My mother was a big fan of these bands and hence my introduction to them. I came out of this film being a bigger fan of these bands and knowing a little history about them. Many of the band members are interviewed including Ringo Starr (you can’t talk about bands of the 60’s without including The Beatles). I had goosebumps watching this documentary and I only hoped my mother was still alive to have watched this film with me. My score on this film is

10 out of 10






1. Rocketman = No surprise here!! Last year BoRhap was my favorite film of the year and Rocketman is my favorite film of this year (for now). Yes, this film is superior to BoRhap. Taron Egerton is my favorite acting performance of this year for now and I do hope he gets considered for awards. I knew this guy was a great actor but after seeing this film I have no doubt of the amount of talent he has. Richard Madden was phenomenal too! It’s not easy to make a film with songs that carry to story forward and this film does it quite well. I loved that this film portrayed Elton John without shying away from his addictions and sexual orientation (something BoRhap didn’t do too well). The magical and fantasy element was perfectly sprinkled in this film and I can’t think of any other way to tell the story of the great Sir Elton John. My score for this film is

10 out of 10



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