Movie Review: Midsommar

This film is directed by Ari Aster and it stars Florence Pugh, Jack Reynor, Will Poulter, William Jackson Harper, and Vilhelm Blomgren.

Dani (Florence Pugh) loses her family tragically, which gets her closer to her boyfriend, Cristian (Jack Reynor). Cristian is planning a trip to Sweden, with his friends, as a form of inspiration to write his thesis. Dani invites herself to the trip. They arrive right before the festivities just in time to witness the disturbing rituals.

I went into this film open minded and with slight anticipation since it was one of those films I’d been looking forward to since the trailer dropped. Oh my!!! I loved this film!! I don’t know where to start. I loved everything about this movie from the cinematography, design production, score, acting, plot, story, custom design and the directing. I’m going to borrow the words from a fellow critic and describe this film as a daymare. It isn’t common to think of a nightmare occuring during the bright daylight, but this film does that exactly. It’s beautifully shot and the single shot scenes are stunning. I’m not exaggerating when I state that I may have fallen in love with every single shot in this film. I can sit in the theater and watch one scene for hrs just admiring and trying to analyze the background, the pictures, paintings, the symbols etc. Just like Hereditary, this film is full with small details that you can catch in multiple viewings. The acting is superb with Florence Pugh giving one of my personal favorite performances of this year. The supporting cast did an amazing job too. It’s surprisingly funny at times with Will Poulter being the comedic relief. Yes it’s gruesome and it does have some shocking, disturbing and graphic scenes, but I loved it! Also it is long and slow but worth it (IMO). The film being slow paced worked for me as I was able to relate to the Dani’s character and at one point I was experiencing everything she was going through. For a moment I was watching this film high without having to take any drugs. There is a particular scene where the scripture is being explained (some symbols being translated) and after I learned a few things I would see certain symbols on the customs of the characters. Pay very close attention to the customs of every single character in this film particularly to the symbols in the chest. Every character has their own unique custom and it’s evident that I find this fascinating. I will have to see it once more to catch certain details (and hope there isn’t another earthquake). I’d be lying if I did not admit that having an earthquake hit right in the middle of this film didn’t amp up my excitement for this movie. As good Californians though we sat through it and continued watching. I definitely recommend seeing this film.

I give this film a 9.8 out of 10


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