Movie Review: Maiden

This film is directed by Alex Holmes, and it stars Tracy Edwards and her entire sailor crew of the Maiden.

This documentary takes a look at the first ever all women sailing team that will enter the competition to sail around the world.

An empowering documentary about women proving they are as capable as men when it comes to sailing around the world. This film is told via original footage and with interviews from the women who sailed the Maiden. The events happened at the end of the 1980s and with the collection of original footage, I was immediately transmitted into the era. I went into this film only have seen one trailer and nothing more. I wasn’t aware the events that had occured and didn’t know anyone in this documentary. Oh man did I love this movie. It was moving, inspiring and most importantly empowering. What Tracy Edwards went through from her childhood to her becoming the skipper of the crew was inspirational and impactful. One thing I will say that I was thrilled about this film was that Tracy was a school dropout and she accidently happened to discover sailing. Yes we are constantly told that an education is important and an absolute must, but sometimes school isn’t for everyone and Tracy was one of those individuals. The rest of the crew was also interviewed and I enjoyed their stories. I loved that even though Tracy was a difficult person to interact with, the crew still got along and supported each other. I cried in a few scenes as it’s powerful and riveting. Because I didn’t know of the events and the outcome of them, I was seriously emotional throughout their journey and of course that ending just got to me. I walked out of this screening ready to work towards my dreams and towards those things people claim I can’t accomplish. Go see this film with your daughters, sisters, mother’s, aunts, grandma any female relative you can think of. I believe it’s in wide release on 7/26 so please keep an eye for this movie.

Give this film a 10 out of 10


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