Top 10 Movies of Summer 2019

It’s the time again where Summer comes to an end, and the Oscar movie season is right around the corner. The following are my personal favorite top 10 films that were released this summer. Per usual, these are my personal favorites. I don’t expect anyone to have the same list like me, and it’s perfectly fine to disagree or agree with my choices. I live a few miles (15) away from Los Angeles, and therefore, I have the luxury to attend screenings to a good variety of independent films. Another thing to point out is that I’m a sucker for smaller films, so don’t be surprised if my list is mainly smaller movies. With that out of the way here are my top 10 films of summer 2019.


10. Toy Story 4




9. Booksmart




8. The Art of Self-Defense




7. Avengers: Endgame




6. Midsommar




5. Maiden








3. Peanut Butter Falcon




2. The Farewell




1. Blinded by The Light


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