Movie Review: Downton Abbey

This film is directed by Michael Engler, and it stars Maggie Smith, Michelle Dockery, Hugh Bonneville, Elizabeth McGovern, Jim Carter, Rob James-Collier, Laura Carmichael, and Allen Leech.

We return to the Downton Abbey as they anxiously await the visit of the Queen and King.

When I first heard this film was in the works, it spiked my interest. So I decided to watch the series and halfway through season one I was in love with Downton Abbey. This film doesn’t disappoint, and it delivers on every level. The opening scene and the iconic theme song building up to the introduction of the Downton castle was awesome! I nearly cheered out of excitement to see it on the big screen. I wasn’t aware of how much I missed this castle and characters until I almost cheered.

The design production and costume design are stellar per usual. They once again go out of their way to showcase a beautiful collection of dresses and accessories too. I thoroughly enjoyed the stories and the acting. I’m calling it now! I will lead the campaign for Maggie Smith to get nominated for supporting actress in the Academy Awards. She was sassy and quite frankly my favorite character in this film. We had a mini Harry Potter reunion with Maggie Smith and Imelda Staunton (who did an excellent job in this film). If you haven’t seen the series, you’re missing on Maggie Smith’s sassiness for the entirety of 6 seasons.


I’m a sucker for drama and have a fondness for British films. I love that this film takes simple ideas and dilemmas and manages to make a tremendous deal about it and absorbs the audience into it. If I read a piece of paper stating that the story is about a group of servants who are being denied the opportunity to serve the King and Queen and they try to find a way to do so; I frankly wouldn’t be interested. But it’s Downton Abbey where we care about a lady, who is anxiously waiting for her dinner dress to arrive, and we wonder what type of silverware to clean (or when to clean it) to serve the King and Queen. My favorite character in the entire series is Thomas Barrow. His role has gone through a significant transformation, and I liked what they did with him in this movie.

Overall I was pleased with this film and crossing my fingers that they make more in the future. I wouldn’t have minded staying in this world for an additional 20 minutes. If you love the series, you’ll enjoy this film. If you haven’t seen this series, this film may pique your interest. Granted this isn’t for everyone, but it is for me. See it!!

I give this film an 8.5 out of 10


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