Movie Review: Sonic the Hedgehog

I wholeheartedly admit that I was one of those who heavily criticized the initial design of Sonic. I was left with no option than to watch this film as a form of support, after all, they listened to our complaints and spent additional money to improve the design. I’m familiar with the game and would often play it when I was younger, but I wasn’t a hardcore fan. It pleasantly surprised me when I began to read positive reviews about the film, slightly increasing my anticipation for the movie. I took my 14-year-old daughter with me, and as we walked out of this film, I was confused and conflicted as we both had entirely different thoughts about this film.

sonic 4

The movie starts by explaining who Sonic is and how he arrived on earth. He gives us his own perspective on particular residents of the city he is residing (including some of the main characters). Shortly after, the rest of the characters are introduced. After a significant event happens, Sonic is placed in a situation where he thinks it’s best to go to another planet. Before he jumps to leave, Sonic is shot, by Tom, with a tranquilizer as he slowly loses his motor functions the bag full of gold rings (which are the items utilized as a portal to transport to a different planet) gets lost. Now Sonic goes on a quest to recover his rings with the help of Tom (afterall Tom is the reason why he lost his rings).

sonic 3

I had a smile on my face while listening to Queen (anytime a Queen song comes up, I always smile). Unfortunately, that would be one of the few times I would smile watching this movie. It’s a formulaic story (some story elements i didn’t understand) with poor writing. I admit on slightly being drawn to Sonic and that his character was energetic and charismatic. I didn’t mind the buddy relationship between Sonic and Tom, but unfortunately, it didn’t accomplish its purpose, for me to care about them. Jim Carrey was the only watchable aspect of this film, but not even he could save the movie. There is a sequence in a bar where Sonic tries to enjoy the moment and decides to write a bucket list, and tries to accomplish most of it that same night. Its poor attempt to have a scene alike to Quicksilver’s “Time in a Bottle” just adds to the lack of originality. None, except one, of the jokes landed for me. It was a charming visual spectacle but nothing more.

sonic 2

I’m aware I’m not the targeted audience for this movie, which explains why my daughter had more fun with it than me. Overall it’s a weak film that I would have given anything to have one of those golden rings just so I can transport myself into another planet instead of watching this film.

I give this film a 5 out of 10



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