Movie Review: The Invisible Man (2020)

When learning I’d attend the screening of “The Invisible Man,” I had to go watch the trailer because, apparently, I’d missed it. Anyone who follows me knows I’m not the biggest horror fan, but I was willing to put my fears aside since the trailer intrigued me. “The Invisible Man” follows Cecilia (Elizabeth Moss), a woman who escapes her abusive husband and seeks asylum with a close friend. After finding out her husband is dead, she begins to experience strange and out of the ordinary circumstances leading her to believe her husband is haunting her.


As the time for the screening was getting closer, I began to read some reviews for the film, and they were overwhelmingly positive. The movie starts with Cecilia escaping the house she and her husband live in. The suspense levels on this sequence are high and brilliantly setups the tone for the entire film. Right off the bat, I have to clarify that if for any reason, you’re under the impression that the trailer gave away too much, you’re in for a surprise. The film successfully builds up the suspense, and it does so brilliantly with the sound design. I never thought it would be possible to be scared of an invisible monster, but this film accomplishes it (and more). A lot of the credit is due to Elizabeth Moss’s performance. Her emotional and physical performance succeeds in showcasing the horror a woman experiences in an abusive relationship. The supporting cast does a decent job too. Perhaps I’m over-analyzing, but I did appreciate this specific approach to this monster film. Directly reflecting how many women aren’t entirely believed when they confess they’re mentally and physically abused by their partner.


There are some decent scares, and although some can be seen miles away, the suspense build-up earns the scare. The camera work in this movie is smart and effective. In one shot, you can see the characters interacting with someone, and then the camera will move to an area where nothing is occurring, which leaves you wondering if anyone is there or not. The fear of having something (you can’t see) in the same room with you is a situation many of us have experienced. The twist and turns that occur in this movie genuinely caught me off guard.


However, some aspects of this film didn’t work well for me. Sadly I’m going to have to be vague about it to avoid spoiler territory. I had some issues with the script, especially with some decisions the characters made. A particular scene felt a tad too convenient, and I wasn’t a fan of the ending. The third act was the weakest element as it doesn’t live up to the first two acts of this movie. “The Invisible Man” is a sci-fi horror thriller film that’ll have you at the edge of your seat in suspense and will keep you guessing where this film is leading to. As of today, I’ve seen the movie twice. The scares still worked, and I was able to nitpick some details I’d missed on the first viewing, yet my score didn’t change. Indeed, a film that I did not see coming (yes I had to put it in there) and I’d recommend seeing it.

I give this film an 8 out of 10


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