Short Film Review: Alive

Alive directed by Jimmy Olsson is a short film about a disabled woman, Victoria, and her assistant Ida. When Vitoria meets Ida’s boyfriend, she realizes that she too needs a companion to experience love. I owe Jimmy Olsson an apology for taking this long to watch his film and provide feedback. I admit I don’t have a tendency to watch short films, but after viewing this one, I’ve developed an interest.

This film is excellent! It skillfully showcases how, as human beings, we have the need to experience love and intimacy. Victoria is in a wheelchair and realizes she wants companionship after meeting Ida’s boyfriend. But as any person with a physical disability, she has her doubts. She’s hesitant to start looking for a special someone. Ida isn’t only Victoria’s assistant, they’ve developed a friendship. So Ida decides to make an online dating profile for Victoria but later becomes concerned questioning if it was the right decision. After all, they’re going online to meet complete strangers. Eventually, someone becomes interested, and suddenly Victoria has a date!. The arrangement has been set, and the gentleman is due to arrive in Victoria’s apartment. In the meantime, Ida can’t help but worry about Victoria. Does it work out? You’ll have to watch the film to find out.


I’m guilty of assuming the film would be depressing, but I was wrong. It’s a character-driven movie whose quiet moments between the two women work superbly because it’s anchored by a remarkable lead performance. It was a delightful surprise as it progressed. Serious topics are handled delicately with some funny moments embedded within. There are parallels between Victoria and Ida. We see what Victoria yearns by showcasing it through Ida, going out to dinner, intimacy, etc.

Alive is a well written and directed short that reminds us we’re all deserving of love and affection. If you get the opportunity to watch this short, do yourself a favor and watch it. During these times of quarantine with closed movie theaters and online festivals, movies like these should be given a chance to shine. I highly recommend it.

alive 2


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